TIPGC 2013 Summer Update

People are asking for updates almost everyday and we’ve heard you.

After shifting TIPGC out of March early this year, we’ve been a bit quiet and wanted to share a quick update for the community to stay in tuned with this regional video game tournament held in Des Moines, Iowa.

In short, Jet Set Studio had full focus on launching Tournament Seeker and expanding UGC Niagara up through May this year.

Tournament Seeker (@TourneySeeker on Twitter) is an amazing new way to connect eSports enthusiasts worldwide and UGC Niagara turned to be Jet Set’s largest eSports event in company history, with 64 Black Ops 2 teams, 16 Halo 4 teams, and 32 NHL 13 teams competing for $30K in cash and prizes.  If you didn’t make it up to Canada, check out this UGC Niagara Venue Tour!

Since dominating that exciting second annual event in Canada, we’ve been working to find a new venue here in Des Moines (this has been harder and more expensive than you think!) and working hard to find meaningful partners to make TIPGC 2013 a reality.

If you are interested in getting involved with this fourth annual event (or know a innovative company that might be interested), we’d ask that you please contact us today.  As we tweeted last weekend, TIPGC sponsors make this event all possible, so wish us luck as we build support to put all the pieces together.

Stay tuned here, follow @TIPGC on Twitter, and like TIPGC on Facebook to be the very first to know official TIPGC updates as they become available.

We promise friends…we’re trying our best to make TIPGC 2013 a reality this Fall.  Spread the word throughout your network to show your support and stay tuned!

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