TIPGC 2013 News

The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge has been in March every year, until now.

If you’ve been following our event listing on the new search engine for video game tournaments, Tournament Seeker, you may have noticed Jet Set Studio was originally focused in on March 9-10 for our fourth annual event.

Unfortunately, the industry event calendar in March is absolutely packed this year and with MLG also announcing its season opener for March…Jet Set Studio has decided it is in the community’s best interest to shift this regional video game event.  With TIPGC 2013 postponed until later in the year, here are some awesome events to enjoy in March…

SXSW: March 8-17
MLG Dallas: March 15-17
PAX East: March 22-24
GDC: March 25-29
IPL: March 28-31
EGL: March 28-31

Another factor that played into this tough decision, was that our venue partners at AllPlay recently went out of business.  If you’ve ever attended TIPGC, you know that our venue has always made the event especially great, so we’re working hard to secure a new venue that can host all the TIPGC awesomeness.  Our hope is with more time for development, we’ll be able to make TIPGC 2013 better than ever!

In the meantime, Jet Set Studio is excited about a variety of gaming events we’re managing around North America.  Specifically, UGC Niagara, which is May 4-5 in Niagara Falls, Canada.  In fact, we invite you to secure your passport and join us for what will be our company’s largest event to date, with over $30,000 in cash and prizes.

Last but not least, we have established a dedicated TIPGC Twitter profile and TIPGC Facebook page to keep you posted as plans for TIPGC 2013 come together.  Naturally, this website will also be home for all TIPGC 2013 updates and our event listing on Tournament Seeker will remain updated as well.


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