Since 2009, The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge has been fueled by some of the best partners we could ask for.  Top companies from around the country choose to support this unique event because of the precise, professional, and effective visibility we are able to offer before, during, and after this unique event.

Simply put, gamers are loyal to the organizations that support them.  This sharp, yet hard to reach demographic, understands that without the support of organizations like those showcased to the right, special video game events like this would not exist.


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Alright, let’s get the conversation started.  Our team is ready to conceptualize some great ways of establishing not only high levels of direct visibility, but long-term loyalty to your brand!  Contact Us for sponsorship package and pricing information.


Past Sponsor Spotlight


Search Engine for eSportsTournament Seeker is the all-new search engine for eSports worldwide.  TIPGC is proud to be listed as a Premium Event within this centralized collection of live and online video game tournaments.  Event organizers can showcase events for FREE and tap into a unique collection of video game tournament resources.   For players looking for more events to compete in, Tournament Seeker is the new gold standard for locating any type video game tournament around the world!


Thanks Twitch.TV!

Twitch.TV is once again a leading TIPGC sponsors this year.  Twitch.TV is the largest live streaming platform worldwide.  Their interactive live streaming technology has helped expand the visibility of this unique video game event, with 1,000,000+ combined online viewers since this partnership was first established in 2011!


We’re especially excited to once again have the support of one of the most recognizable lifestyle brands in eSports, ASTRO Gaming.  This unique company, who’s mission is to produce the world’s finest gaming equipment, will be providing the heartbeat of your TIPGC audio experience, the MixAmp™ Pro for EVERY gaming station!  Check out ASTRO’s award winning line of headsets and we’re very proud to have such an influential company on board.


Gunnar Optiks is a lifestyle brand that represents the best in Gaming Eyewear.  The unique Gunnar Technology can be found in a great lineup of computer eyewear, 3D glasses, and sunglasses as well, so look for details on an exciting livestream-only special that we’ll announce soon.  In the meantime, prepare your order by checking out the Gunnars Online Store.  Simply put, Gunnars make you look great, play better, and allow you to perform longer.. all while protecting those precious eyes!


We’re lucky to have sponsors who continue to support this unique video game event year after year.  NYKO Technologies is an example of this and with so many innovative Xbox 360 peripherals, we’re excited to offer even more great prizes from a company that has been a part of the video game industry since 1996.  Check out all NYKO’s products and get ready to experience their latest and greatest at TIPGC 2012!


JOIN US!The video game community behind it all.  Since 2007, www.GatheringofGamers.com has developed into a well-known and unique social network just for gamers.  Video game tournaments are what this community thrives on, but with personalized profiles, family-friendly forums, video game reviews, and so much more, the GoG welcomes an entire spectrum of gamers from around the world and has become a staple that fuels this entire concept.


Jet Set StudioLast, but definitely not least, Jet Set Studio is the company behind it all.  Along with supporting the GoG communtiy, Jet Set Studio has offered professional Video Game Event Management all around the country since 2007.  If you’re serious about your next event or connecting with gamers, contact the fearless leader, Ben McDougal, and prepare to transition your imagination to reality.


TIPGC 2013 Sponsorship Deck

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